Residential Deposits

Existing Services $75
New Services $25
Residential Rental $150
Manufactured Housing $150

*Excess Flow Valve or Cut-Off Valve required on all new residential services.

**Also, prior to and at anytime after the commencement of service, the District may require that the deposit be increased to the estimated amount of two month’s expected usage.

Deposits may be paid by the options listed below.                                         

  • Cash Deposit
  • Utility Deposit Bond from an A rated bonding company
  • Certificate of Deposit made payable to DeKalb-Cherokee Counties Gas District
  • Standby Irrevocable Letter of Credit from a stable bank

Priority and Interruptible Customer Deposits

New or Existing Customers – DC Gas personnel will determine deposit based on 2 months of expected usage.  Deposit will be rounded down to the nearest $50.00.

Excess Flow Valve (EFV) or Cut Off Valve (COV)

EFV installation on new service $75
COV installation on new service $200
EFV or COV installation for existing service $600

Service Charges due to non-payment

Cut-off fee $20
Cut-on fee (if reconnected within 45 days) $20
Reconnect fee (if reconnected within 45 days to 1 year, $60 reconnect + $20 cut-on fee) $80
After hours turn on due to non-payment ($75 renewal charge + $20 cut-on fee) $95

Service Call Charges during regular business hours

Summer off fee $15
Service call 30 minutes or less $15
Each additional hour $20

Service Call Charges after hours

Service call 30 minutes or less $25
Each additional hour $35
After hours on $75

Return Check fee

$36 for NSF

Late Charges

Bills rendered are payable on or before the due date reflected on the bill and if not paid by 7 p.m. on the date specified, shall be increased as follows:

Gas services and supply, and all service charges – 10%
Plumbing charges, customer incentive charges, and all other inventory items – 1.5% per month will accrue. Government customers will be exempt from the late charge.

Automatic Escalation of Rate

In the event the wholesale cost of gas to the District increases, such increase may be automatically passed on to the consumers being served on this rate, to be effective at the same time as the increase in wholesale cost.

Adjustment of bill for variations in heat content of gas

All measured volumes shall be adjusted by the average heat content of gas purchased by the District.